About Ken Holt

Ken is an experienced software development leader with deep knowledge of building and delivering enterprise-class database products and supporting platforms from the ground up. Prior to Esgyn, Ken held a variety of positions at HP ranging from Director roles in Product Management, QA, and Development to Chief of Staff. Most recently Ken played a key role in launching Apache Trafodion as an open source project in collaboration with HP Labs, and has the dubious honor of giving the project its name.Ken earned his Bachelor’s degree in Physics from University of Wales with a specialty in Computing Physics and has been a lifelong student of technology ever since.


  2017年5月23日,帮助全球企业充分发挥大数据潜力的大数据融合解决方案的领导者易鲸捷与端至端实时数据融合和流数据分析平台提供商Striim开展合作,旨在提供将EsgynDB的强大功能 [阅读更多]


加州米尔皮塔斯2017年5月18日电,帮助全球企业充分发挥大数据潜力的大数据融合解决方案的领导者易鲸捷已与 Ampool 达成合作,提供兼具EsgynDB和Ampool的动态数据储备(ADS)功能的产 [阅读更多]

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